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The motto of St.Francis School, ‘Knowledge Radiates Vision’ stirs the young minds in setting goals and directions for their future. A glimpse at the exuberance and vivacity of the scholastic activities of the school prove that the students receive all round education - academic excellence, logistic skills, numeric abilities, linguistic proficiency, critical thinking and innovative spirit.

St.Francis School aims at inculcating in the students the spirit of inquiry, creativity, moral leadership thereby building up the future of India. The students learn to respect their teachers, parents and friends who mould and shape them in translating St.Francis’ vision into reality by becoming good citizens of the world community. They are encouraged to pursue their education not only on scoring high marks but also on perseverance, independence of mind, free thinking and positive outlook that are inevitable for personality development.

All along their schooling years at St.Francis, the students receive quality education in a favorable and stimulating environment. The curriculum is based on CBSE syllabus, focusing on their intellectual pursuit; the students learn that their success in life depends on something more valuable- they build on them, refine them, and develop them. Sooner than they expect, they will have something more concrete to hold on.

I am confident of the bright future of each student and for St.Francis School that will see generations of pupils entering its portals. I exhort the staff and the students of this institution to render the best in them that the leadership our nation needs is emerged from here. May the blessings of St.Francis ‘Peace and all Good’ remain with all those who are associated with this temple of learning.

With showers of blessing,
Jacintha Roseline

A “Mustard seed is smallest in kind, but it has such inner potentiality to develop into a mighty tree, spreading its branches far and wide”.

It has been pleasant opportunity to let ourselves be unfolded to new inspirations. Thus I extend my sincere good wishes to the Principal and all the Staff of St.Francis School in their herculean task in moulding the leaders of tomorrow and thank them for their dedicated service.

A mere ‘sparkle of fire left in the ashes’ is enough to set fire and inspire the whole humanity. Thus I quote Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and with the hope that the day is not too far when our children as change agents will re-make this world that we can be proud of.”

With showers of blessing,