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Our motto, ‘Knowledge Radiates Vision’, impels the students to dream the vision for their future. The knowledge emanates from within enables one to go beyond the realm of impossibilities and leads to attain his or her goal in life.

The logo speaks for itself – the open book, lighted candles, the guiding star inculcate timeless lessons.

The open book symbolizes the immeasurable, vast arena of knowledge awaiting for the students in their pursuit of education. Just as the book is open so also each student to be open, receptive and industrious in imbibing the treasures of wisdom.

The lighted candles represent the invaluable bond of guru and the pupil (shishya). The guru ignites wisdom in the minds of the students in a disposition of total dedication and availability. The students in their part receive the wisdom of the guru with humble submission and openness.

The guiding star signifies the level of the heights the students dream to soar. On their intellectual pursuit they are being led by the guiding star, their guru.