Yoga Day 2018-19

On 21st June 2018, the international Yoga day was observed throughout the world. Its aim is to create awareness about the importance of yoga in everyone’s life. On this day, a yoga session was conducted in St. Francis School by Ms. Neha Singh, the PTI to learn the positive impacts of meditation and understand the benefits of yoga. The students performed yogic exercises and pranayama to celebrate this day.

Pravesh Utsav 2018-19

St. Francis School celebrated the Pravesh Utsav and welcomed the students with great joy to the new academic session 2018-19.

The School unveiled the new theme of the session “Dream Big, Touch the Zenith”. On this occasion, the ceremony occupied its way- The assembly began with an inspiring prayer song by the teachers seeking the blessings from above and lighting the ceremonial lamp by the Manager, Vice Principal, and Teacher and Student representatives. The teachers welcomed the students with a welcome song and putting the traditional kumkum on the forehead of the students. The teachers and students reviewed their duties by taking an oath led by the Principal of the school.

The ceremony successfully concluded with the National Anthem.

Welcome – New Academic Session 2017-18

The Staff and the management welcomed the new academic on April 4, 2017 with the theme ‘Leap beyond the horizon of Success’. Students were gathered in the morning assembly where they were welcomed with Tilak and took pledge that they will commit themselves to make the leap towards horizon of success.

Toppers of the School: We extend our sincere and warm CONGRATULATIONS for splendid performance by our students of class X in CBSE Board 2017 examination.

Congratulations! To all students who did excellent performance in academic and co-scholastic activities. It is worth appreciating that so many of our students touched the zenith of success. All the teachers deserve great applaud and appreciation for their hard work, consistent efforts in bringing laurel to the school.


Yoga is above all the regular physical exercises as it paves the way for disciplinary lifestyle amidst the students and unites body and mind. International Yoga Day was celebrated in the school. As well as the students from class 6-10 with their teachers participated in the Yoga Day Celebration which was conducted in common programme ground the students were given instruction to various yoga aasanas and its benefits to the students.

Workshop on Cyber Crime

Students of class IX and X took active participation in the workshop on Cyber Crime. The workshop was conducted by Ritesh Batia from Mumbai, organized by the crime branch, Pithora. The objective of the workshop was to provide a platform for students to know the right way of using the modern telecommunications like ATM, Face book, security of Passwords, Internet and Mobile phones. Students were also felicitated with the prizes.

Annual Function

St.Francis School, Pithora celebrated, its Annual Day on Friday, on December 2, 2016 with great enthusiasm, vibrancy and delight. Mrs. Neha Chamapawat (IPS) Police Superintend of Mahasamund was the esteemed Chief Guest. Among other dignitaries Sr.M. Dolly, the Provincial Superior, Rev. Fr. Joseph Vaipammadam, the parish priest of Pithora , Magistrat of Pithora, were present along with invited guests of fathers and sisters, parents and students.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by Mrs. Neha Chamapawat IPS. Sr.M.Johncy, the Manager formally welcomed the renowned guest. Head Boy Tushar Agrawal and Head Girl Barkha Agrawal with the team presented the School’s Annual report of the past session. This was followed by the prize distribution where the Honorable Chief Guest congratulated and presented prizes and certificates to the meritorious pupils and athletes of the school.

The Cultural programme based on the theme ‘Delve into the realm of Knowledge” commenced with ‘Invocation Dance’. Arrays of scintillating performances were staged by the students. The entire programme was planned, coordinated and conducted by the able guidance of teachers.

Sr.M. Rosmi, the Principal thanked everyone for their presence, cooperation gesture of appreciation. The programme concluded with the National Anthem.

Best Out of waste

Best out of waste craft is an amazing way to utilize material which most of the times goes into dustbins. A habit is generated especially among children use of old magazines, Marbles, newspapers, plastic bottles, cans, tyres, or even sticks to create beautiful and amazing crafts. In order to make children aware of the uses of the waste material and to give them a lesson on reducing wastes to save and protect our environment and make our nation a pollution free India. This completion is held as part of their SUPW (socially useful productive work) syllabus. The participants for ‘Best out of Waste’ competition were boys of class V & VI.


The importance of sports and games in the school includes more than just the benefit of physical activity. Sports have social, physical, and emotional benefits. It mobilizes students self confidence, self esteem, mental alertness and socialization among themselves.

Those who desire to play in the house registered their names to the PTI Sir who further groom them in the games of their choices. St. Francis School organized volley ball for students of class VII to X while Kho-Kho for Girls of the same classes. Students played with full team and competitive spirit.

Elocution Competition

Elocution Contest was held on October 27, 2016. It was an attempt made by the school to promote speaking skill in terms of pronunciation, intonation, voice modulation and all other faculties required to develop language and eloquence in speech. The theme for this contest was “Promoting integrity ensures the prosperity of Nation”. Students from class IX & X took part in it. It was a beautiful day indeed, to see children speaking on the theme with patriotic spirit and love for Nation.

Slogan/Poster making Competition

Poster and Slogan making competition was organized for classes VI to VIII on October 26, 2016. The students were given the competition date and its theme well in advance so that they could come well prepared for it.

The theme of the competition was “Public Participation in Eradicating Corruption”. They were free to choose any medium of color and the response was overwhelming. Present situation of the country along with our responsibility for eradicating corruption was well depicted Students from all sections participated enthusiastically and the end result was that they produced some good masterpieces. Some of them showed their great aesthetic sense, color combination and creativity. Culmination of creativity merged with artistic sense could be seen all around.

School Day Celebration

St.Francis of Assisi, the patron of our School was a poor man; his desire was only to be like Christ. He recognized creation as another manifestation of the beauty of God. He is named patron of ecology. He did great penance that he might be totally disciplined for the will of God. He was an instrument of Peace and asks all his followers to be instrument of peace.

October 3, 2016 was a day of double feast for the Francisians. On this day St. Francis School celebrated the feast of St. Francis as their School day and the Swachata Divas in memory of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation.

Prayer Service was conducted by the students and honoured Statue of St.Francis and portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. Swachata divas was observed by creating an awareness of Cleanliness in our houses, School and its premises.

Self Introduction Competition

St.Francis School organized a ‘Self-introduction competition’ for class I & II students. The students were given opportunity learn how to introduce themselves before others formally. It was also an effort made for these little ones to improve their vocabulary and speech drilling.

Introducing oneself to the world is an art as the saying goes “in the first part of your life convince yourself that you are the best because rest of your life will go in convincing others that you are the best.” The exposures to such competition boost the confidence of children and help them to be more social and self assuring. Children felt proud of themselves and confident with this activity.

Rangoli Competition

St.Francis School organized a Rangoli contest for the girl students of Class V & VI with the theme ‘Raksha Bandhan.’ The zealous participants etched out inspiring creative designs. The competition was held on October 21, 2016 in the school entrance.

Teachers’ Day

In commemoration of the birth anniversary of Dr. S.Radha Krishnan, Teachers’ day was celebrated in St.Francis School Pithora, with great Zeal & fervour. The teachers were welcomed with great applause followed by lighting of lamp. The Principal & Manager paid tribute to Dr.Radha Krishna by strewing flowers and garlanding on to his portrait.

“A Good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others” with these furnishing words Tushar Agrawal, Barkha Agrawal and Ruchi Agrawal jointly anchored the mesmerizing programmes, speech and various games for teachers. The celebration concluded with vote of thanks by Kamesh sir.

Independence Day Celebration

Our school celebrated the 70th Independence Day with all its pride and honour. Sr.Johncy, the manager hoisted the National flag. It was a beautiful scene to watch the march past of house students according to the beats of band. The celebrations were also blessed with patriotic dance performance by the students of Red and Green Houses. In her address to the students Sr. Johncy reminded about the meaning of being a patriot and the future of our country lies in the students. Primary class students participated in the event with their PT display. The celebration proclaimed the patriotic and nationalist spirit of our students towards our Nation.

Investiture ceremony

Leader is the one who guides the people to the right path with right direction. The school is really blessed with a number of students with leadership quality. This day was recognition to the leaders. Through the election process the school elected the new leaders for the academic year 2016-17. Sr. Principal handed over the badge of ‘Duty and Responsibility’ to the newly appointed leaders and wished a happy year of prosperity to the school and their companions, under their service and leadership.


“Green India ,Clean India”

Students of St. Francis School gathered together with the message to protect and preserve nature. World Environment Day was observed in the school on August 5th. Programs were arranged according to house wise. Students prepared banners, posters, drawings and slogans. The rally by the students gave a wonderful message. It reminded them necessity of protecting and preserving the environment. As symbol of preservation and prevention of pollution, students planted saplings and plants in the school campus.


Competitions 2016-17

The school conducts a number of competitions aiming at the integral development of students. This academic year invites all the sections of the students to partake in the variety of competitions organized by the school. Every teacher makes sure of the complete active participation of students in competitions. Following are the competitions of the month of July:

  • Foot tapping Dance
  • Making paper boat
  • Drawing competition
  • Memory Test
  • Story telling
  • Mud Pot Decoration
  • Calligraphy
  • Elocution
  • Mask making


The opening day of new academic session 2016-2017 was celebrated by grant gathering. A special assembly was conducted by the teachers. Teachers welcomed the students with a welcome song and by applying ‘Tilak.’ The function started with prayer song, asking the blessing of the Almighty for the well being of all. The inauguration of new session was done by Lighting the Lamp by Sr.Rosmi (Principal), Sr.Johncy (Manager), Mrs.Mohanty (Teacher) and student representatives. Both students and teachers took oath for the new academic session. In the message by Sr.Principal, she wished all students a prosperous year and introduced the theme of the year ‘DELVE INTO THE REALM OF KNOWLEDGE’


The “International YOGA DAY” was celebrated in our school with all its importance. The students of classes 6 to 10 and teachers participated in the program conducted by the Pithora Block Education Zone. The program started at 7.00 am and ended at 8.00 am. The students demonstrated various yogas like Tadasan, Vrukshasan, Trikonasan, Padahastasan, Ardhchakrasan,,Ushtasan, Bhadrasan, Shashankasan, bhujankasan, makarasan, pavankuktaan, pranayaam, kapalbhatipranayam, anulom vilom pranayam, bhramri pranayam etc. under the direction given by Mr.B.R Thakur (Block Education Officer). Mr.Devesh Nishad (Nagar Panchayat President) instructed the students about the importance of yoga for a healthy life.

Ganit week celebration

St.Francis School celebrated the 128th birth anniversary of the great Mathematician Dr.Ramanujan as GANIT Week (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations & Training) with great enthusiasm and vigour. This celebration certainly enabled the students learn Mathematics creatively involving themselves in different activities. It was surprising to note that all the students without fear with great joy learning varoius facts of the Mathematics usually considered as the toughest and uninteresting subject.


December 16th - Mr. Crawly- Colour play with Numbers

Little hands of class I began drawing colorful Mr. Crawly with numbers.

Fraction Colours

Students of Class II drew different pictures and learned fractions easily by colouring.

December 17th - Tiling Patterns & Spiral Patterns

Students of class III & IV worked on the patterns and had amusement with the tiles and spiral patterns. They learnt that mathematics is not a boring subject.

December 19th - Relay and Posters

The art of proposing a question is of higher value than solving the problem in mathematics: hence, the students of Class V & VI spent the day in questioning the answers section through relay race and by posters making.

December 21st - in Nature & Use of Maths Lab

‘God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world’, so the students of class VII and VIII found the shapes and figures of maths in nature and designed Restaurants and Parks through their creative ideas

December 22nd - Maths in Architecture & in daily Life

The power of mathematics is often to change from one thing into another, to change geometry into language. Class IX & X students showed the importance of Maths in Architecture and in Daily life through their presentations.

Concluding Ceremony

The celebration of GANIT week came to a close with an exhibition of all that students had prepared in the whole week and paying homage and tribute to the great mathematician, Dr.Srinivasa Ramanujan. Students wished that the mathematics could be taught only with activities and they expressed that they will cherish this memory in their life time.