The school promotes physical activity of the students through comprehensive physical activity programmes which include recess, classroom based physical activity, sports, indoor and outdoor games and physical education. The campus is well-resourced with a play ground, basket ball and volley ball courts. Students get opportunities to grow in team spirit by participating in inter house matches.


The school assembly is one of the significant activities. The students nurture their leadership skills by assuming various roles in conducting assembly which include the singing of the national anthem associated with pledge and school band, presenting a ‘thought for the day’, theme based speeches, giving short talks on burning issues, quizzes.


The students have opportunity in fostering and promoting the various cultures, traditions and religions of our nation by celebrating the regional, national and religious festivals. These occasions widen the knowledge of the students and they learn to respect and appreciate the diversity of our country.

Talents Fest

The school organizes Talents Fest to develop and encourage the latent gifts and talents of the students. Periodic contests are held at individual, class, inter-class and inter-house levels for the students to showcase and enhance their talents. The activities include music, dance, arts, painting, craft, and literary arts.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are part of the co-curricular activities of the school. The students by practicing in these learn that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.


We prepare and challenge our students in critical and innovative questioning in order that they bring out their talents and ideas. The students of elementary and high school levels participate in the fair. Exhibitions offer them a platform to express more than what they learn in their classrooms.

In-service Programmes

In-service Programmes function basically as a professional development workshop aimed at furthering the skills of the teachers. The school organizes a workshop at the commencement of the scholastic year for the staff; they attend seminars, symposium, skill-based programmes held at regional and national centres.

Spiritual Formation

The Education aims at promoting spiritual and moral development of the students. Hence the school curriculum includes moral and ethics, yoga & meditation, spiritual extracts from different religious books whereby education is transformed as a spiritual journey for the students.

Scholarship Exams

The management motivates the students to participate in various scholarship tests conducted at local, regional and national levels. These make the students widen their sphere of knowledge, information, and make them competent in various fields.

Educational Tours

Educational tours intend to provide the students experiences outside their everyday normal environment and activities. These trips supplement classroom learning and enable the students observe the subject in its natural state. St.Francis School organizes educational tours to provide first hand experiences of the subjects taught.